Agrani Bank Singapore Money Rates Today

Are you looking for a Singapore Agrani bank dollar rate?

if you are interested to know agrani bank rates then we will share in this post today’s Singapore agrani bank dollar exchange rate.

If you think you want to send money to Bangladesh and you gonna use agrani bank then you will here to the right place to know what is now Singapore dollar rate in Bangladesh.

There are lots of banks here but we suggest, you can send money to agrani bank or islami bank (IBBL). Let’s know about today’s Agrani and Islami bank rates.

Singapore agrani bank rate

Singapore DollarAgrani Bank rate
1 Dollar79.90 Taka

Today’s Singapore Agrani Bank Money Exchange rate is 80.10 bdt.

Disclaimer: We collect all information from the official agrani bank website. Today’s agrani bank Singapore’s 1-dollar buying rate is 79.90 bdt and the Selling rate is 82.60 bdt.

Agrani Bank Limited is one of the best banks in Bangladesh. This bank gives us a better exchange rate than other banks.

Agrani Bank made a very easy way to send money to Bangladesh.

If you want to know how to get a better dollar exchange rate? I will suggest you can check through the internet or check our article.

Let’s talk about Islami Bank Singapore dollar rate today, you already know what is the agrani bank rate today but now we going to talk about Islami Bank Singapore rate.

Islami Bank Singapore dollar rate today

We are unable to find islami bank Singapore dollar rates. We already seek their official website but we see empty, that’s why we can’t provide islami bank rates. We can’t be sure of the rate but we found on Google today islami bank Singapore dollar rate is 79.90 bdt.

if we look at the exchange rates we can see there is a difference in money rates. agrani bank gives always better exchange rates, so our recommendation you should use agrani bank.

Agrani Bank always gives a better benefit for exchange rates if you want to exchange the Singapore dollar for the Bangladeshi taka then you going to definitely use Agrani bank rates it will help you to get more money.

Those days Singapore dollar exchange rate is growing day by day. If you gonna patient with the exchange rate you can get more money you should follow the exchange rate and when the exchange rate is very high you gonna make the exchange then you will get more extra money.

Agrani Bank is a government bank. Yes, Agrani Bank is a Bangladeshi government bank, it’s more than secure other banks.

If you send money to Agrani Bank then you will get an extra remittance bonus because only Agrani Bank can give you extra remittance money. That’s why organic Mayank offers more exchange rates other than Islami Bank.

If you are looking for a Singapore Agrani Bank contact number then hear the information below, the Singapore Agrani Bank contact number is +6562959730 we hope that you got the right number.

Agrani Bank is a real-time online banking facility you can check your balance with the Internet if you have a bank account.

If you have a bank account you can send money yourself also you can create a bank account from Singapore agrani Bank branches.

Singapore dollar rate in Bangladesh agrani bank

Today’s Singapore dollar rate in Bangladesh agrani bank rate is 79.90 bdt

Agrani Bank Singapore phone number


Conclusion: We hope that you will get the right information because we collect all information from the official Agrani Bank Website. If you regard with any information you can comment us will reply as soon as possible.

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