Prime Bank Rate Today Singapore To Bangladesh

Are you looking for a Prime Bank Rate Today from Singapore To Bangladesh? Then you have come to the right website to know the prime bank remittance rate.

If you are wondering what is the Prime Bank Rate Today from Singapore To Bangladesh? Through this article, we will tell you what is the prime bank dollar rate from Singapore to Bangladesh today.

If you think you will send money from Singapore to Bangladesh. Then of course you can use Prime Bank. Prime Bank already has a branch in Singapore. You can easily send money from Singapore Prime Bank branches.

Prime Bank is also a famous bank in Bangladesh. It is the most reliable and safe bank in Bangladesh, You send money easily through Singapore Prime Bank, it provides very easy and fast response transactions.

Prime Bank Rate Today Singapore

Prime bank rate today in Singapore is 85.00 bdt.

Singapore DollarPrime Bank Rate 
1 Dollar85.00 Taka

The Prime Bank is also popular in Bangladesh. is the most secure and safe Bank in Bangladesh, you send money with Prime Bank it’s effortless and gives a quick response.

Prime Bank Rate Today Singapore To Bangladesh

Prime bank rate today in Singapore is already given. Prime Bank Rate Today Singapore To Bangladesh is high you can check the upper table for today’s Singapore prime bank exchange rate.

As you know every day changes money rates. so if want to know daily updates then you can save this page. we heavily try to update this article every day on time. Prime Bank is also known as a good bank. if you want to send money with Prime Bank, you should check rates daily.

When the exchange rate increases, you can send money to Bangladesh, and you will get the best benefit and remit maximum included.

Prime Bank Exchange Rate Today Singapore

Today’s Singapore Prime bank exchange rate is 85.00 Bdt. there are many banks here, as only Agrani Bank or Prime Bank gives better rates. you can check also other banks’ rates we already posted.

Most Singaporean visitors or workers exchange Bangladeshi money from Agrani Bank or Prime Bank. but nowadays a very popular bank is Western Union.

If want to exchange money, then you can use Agrani or prime bank. those two banks are really good. also, provide better exchange rates.

Singapore Prime Bank Contact Details

If you’re in Bangladesh then you can call the prime bank center Hot Line: at 16218. You can also send a direct email to Prime Bank: [email protected].

Lots of people looking for Singapore Prime Bank contact and email. if you are one of those then you can find here all the contact details about Singapore Prime Bank.

Singapore Main Branch

Phone Number :(+65) 6392 4996, (+65) 6392 4829

Fax Number: (+65) 6392 4838

Location: 2A Desker Road, (2nd floor) Singapore 209549

If you want to contact Prime Bank Singapore’s main branch then you can contact us using this address.

What is Today’s Prime Bank Rate in Singapore

Today Singapore Prime Bank 1 Dollar exchange rate is 85.00 bdt.

Conclusion: If you have a query or question then ask in the comment box, and we will reply to your question answer as soon as possible. thanks for reading our article Stay safe.

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